Insource or Outsource? How to Control HR Costs and Risks

When does it makes sense to outsource your HR functions? When do you keep them in-house? And how can you leverage outside resources? Find out on Sept. 26 as Automation Alley welcomes in HR Pro/BenePro for an informative discussion on HR costs and risks. Learn about methods to free up your team’s time to concentrate on core business matters without getting bogged down by necessities such as payroll, benefits, compliance, recruitment or company morale. Walk away with tools and strategies to cut costs, reduce risks and make informed business decisions to drive better financial results.

This event is part of the Automation Alley’s HR Roundtable series for executives, managers and human resource staff looking to gain insight into relevant topics related to HR.

Space is limited. Light refreshments will be provided.

Guest speakers: Kris Powell, President and CEO, HRPro/BenePro
Joan Morehead, Vice President HR Services, HRPro

Registration Fees:

Automation Alley Member Price: $15.00
Non-members Price: $25.00
Automation Alley Foundation Price: Free
Walk-in Automation Alley Member Price: $20 
Walk-in Non-member Price: $30

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