Welcome New Employees With More Than a Smile

You have to admit, it can be hard to find good help these days, so when you find that special someone to join your team, you want to make sure you make an impression that they will remember and make sure how they feel about their experience one of the reason’s they want to stay.

A tour of the office, introducing colleagues and  showing them where they can find supplies are key but there are many other factors in your  welcome of each new employee and make them feel part of the work family.

Make sure they understand their job responsibilities, give them a copy of their job description. Let them know who they can go to if they have any questions at all, either job related or questions in general. If you have a HRIS system, make sure they gain access and familiarize themselves with the software.

Inform your current employees to go out of their way to make the new person feel comfortable and part of the team. Have a lunch to welcome the employee and get to know everyone. If your company is too big for a whole company lunch, then have the department they are in take them to lunch. Or host a meet and greet in the conference room or lunch room.

Provide proper training. Don’t just throw a manual at them and say have at it, you need to spend time with them so they feel important. This way you can provide feedback anytime on their performance and will give them the opportunity to ask questions they may have. If you do not have a training manual, this would be a good time to have the employee document the process, which could be used as a training tool in the future.

In short, consider check points at the intervals noted below:

Written by Mary Ann Fisher, Manager of HR and Payroll Services, HRPro
Mary Ann has over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources and Payroll. She is responsible for managing new client implementations for HRIS and Payroll as well as assisting current clients with navigating our system and setting up various modules of our HRIS system.